Waiting Room: A Look at How God Wants Us to Wait

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Waiting Room- A Look At How God Wants Us To Wait

Sermon Date: July 7, 2019
Speaker: Pastor Matthew Horne

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Waiting Time is not Wasted Time. There is hope for the one who waits on God. We do not say ‘yes’ to a plan, but rather a person. He is committed and will be faithful to you.

Today I would like to speak with you about what it means to wait well. Are you about to break? Have you been at that point before? The moment you are about to break may be the moment that God is about to bless. This isn’t a prosperity message, but rather an attempt to change your perspective on what it means to wait on God.

You can have joy in trials. You can have hope that overcomes all hurt. Confusion can be calmed in the peace of God. God is good and He does good – and He is working all things for your good. Do not rush God, do not doubt God. Rather, continue to trust God. Walk in faith and obedience and know that God is before and behind you.

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