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God. Life. Faith. What’s the point? Make time to find out at Starting Point. Starting Point is an 8-week, conversational small group specifically designed for people who are curious about God, have a new relationship with Jesus, or are returning to church after being away for a while.

“It’s easy to find God misrepresented inside and outside of the church,” said Matt Horne, lead pastor. “Starting Point helps us understand who God actually is and what He is really all about.”

You do not need to know anything about the Bible or the church to participate. Starting Point is a safe and pleasant environment to ask questions about God, life, and matters of faith.  It was developed to meet people right where they are. It is a conversation where people can explore faith and experience community.

It is perfect for seekers - people who do not identify as a Christian but are curious about God, Jesus, the Bible, or Christianity. It is excellent for starters - people that are new to a relationship with Jesus Christ and are looking to build a solid foundation for their faith. It is ideal for returners - people that have a church background but have been away for a while.

Starting Point is a place where no question is off limits, conversation is encouraged, and seekers, starters, and returners are empowered to join each other on their faith journey.

Our next Starting Point group will begin on April 24, 2023. Click the button below to register.

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What Others Are Saying


Mike D. | April 2018
Wilcenski Group Multiplication

It was at Starting Point that we came together. What a great name for group. Some of us were seeking, some returning, and some deepening their faith. But all needed a place to start. We got to know each other, overcoming our fears and willing to share, being able to express our hopes, desires, and questions. Learning others shared the same desire to finding a better way of going through life's travails while still honoring God.

All with different backgrounds, different abilities, and different paths to that starting point, but we all wanted the same thing. He brought us together to be able to share, help, and grow, so we can be better servants for Him. How powerful prayer is! We came together to help each other in our needs through prayer, and we saw its power firsthand.

As we branch out the foundation is there to help others who will join us. We won't lose our concern and care for each other - that will still be there. We expanded now and don't keep it to ourselves, and in that way branching out is good.

 For those who were seeking, they have found; for those who were returning, they are back home; for those deepening their faith, they've become closer and wiser. Our goal in all this is to become more like Him in order to serve Him and to do his will. I believe we are on the correct path in doing so.


Donna R. | May 2017
I Learned A Lot

I enjoyed the Starting Point series very much. I learned a lot about who Jesus was and what he did for me. Starting Point meant a place where I could learn more about faith and where we could ask any and all questions that we had. I enjoyed meeting some new people and getting to know better those I already knew, and listening to everyone's ideas, thoughts and comments. The group membership seemed to fluctuate from week to week and I would've liked to have had more time together with all the members of the group. I felt the Starting Point book was a good addition to the series, and I also took advantage of the online materials, watching the entire Andy Stanley video each week and also the extras provided on the website. I found all the materials interesting and insightful. I would highly recommend that everyone attend a Starting Point group...it is well worth it!