Pay Attention to the Tension

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Pay Attention to the Tension

Sermon Date: January 17, 2021
Speaker: Pastor Martin Hawley

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Have you ever been your own worst enemy? We all have. We run from what's good for us and pursue things that aren't. It never ends well. So, let's end it!

We all have the potential to be our own worst enemy and make decisions that undermine our relationships, career, finances, and success. It can be truly defeating and debilitating. In these times, we tend to ignore our conscience, talk ourselves into all sorts of destructive thought patterns and behaviors, and fail to listen to wise people around us. How do we stop the cycle?

“Every habit begins with a first time. Every pattern starts with a first line. Every journey starts with a first step. You have potential.” says Martin Hawley, pastor.

In this three-part series, Pastor Hawley will discuss three things you can do to ensure you overcome your worst enemy – you. Join us to achieve your greatest potential.

Part 1 of 3: Pay Attention to the Tension (1 Samuel 24) – January 17: We all face dilemmas in which circumstances point us in one direction, but our conscience points us in another. At times, we ignore the tug of our consciences and sell ourselves on a questionable decision. King David found himself in such a position, and his example can help us navigate our own dilemmas.

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