Our Mission (What)

            …  to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


Our Vision (Where)

            …  to win 1% of our community (650 people) to Jesus by the end of 2023.


Our Core Values (Why)

Lost People Matter - We believe every person needs the life and hope of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we bring the Gospel into our homes, workplaces, and neighborhoods.

Resting Place - We believe the restful, easy yoke of Jesus is something we should live out. Therefore, we create environments where people find rest for their burdened souls, a place to belong, feel at home, be seen, loved, cherished, and nurtured to do the same for others.

Community - We believe everything is better when we do it together. Therefore, we live as the family of God, helping one another as we, together, seek to follow Jesus faithfully.

Generous Living - We believe God is a compassionate and extraordinarily generous giver. Therefore, we hold everything with open hands to bless others and build God’s Kingdom on earth.

Fully Committed - We believe in being fully committed to the local church body. Therefore, we practice accountability through membership.

Love-in-Action - We believe love is much more than an emotion. It is a verb. Therefore, we demonstrate the love of Jesus by faithfully serving our community.

Disciples Making Disciples - We believe making disciples is not just a pastor’s job but a Divine mandate to every believer. Therefore, we intentionally seek to be a disciple and make disciples by inviting others into our lives to help them be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus did.


Our Strategy (How)

            …  to create environments where people are encouraged and equipped to pursue
intimacy with God, community with insiders, and influence with outsiders.


We create a …

Welcoming environment through our weekly worship experiences.

      Goal:   Commit to Regular Attendance

      Win:    A Person Returns for the Third Time

Connecting environment through our membership orientation experiences.

      Goal:   Commit to Jesus and the South Bay Bible Church Family

      Win:    A Person Becomes a Jesus Follower & Joins the Church

Growing environment through our community group experiences.

      Goal:   Commit to a Community Group

      Win:    A Person Becomes Accountable in a Community Group

Serving environment through our ministry experiences.

      Goal:   Commit to Serving Others

      Win:    A Person Joins a Ministry Team

Inviting environment through our outreach experiences.

      Goal:   Commit to Inviting Others to Jesus

      Win:    A Person Invites Someone to Church or Wins Someone to Christ.


For Picture Learners

Each of these environments can easily be pictured through the different rooms of your home.  When you first meet guests in your home, usually they enter through the foyer where you welcome them.  This is your first impression.  Then, you invite guests into your living room where you connect with them.  As time passes, they are no longer considered guests but part of the family where relationships continue to grow.  As more time passes, soon your new friends become so familiar they stand in your kitchen serving along side you – in a place you would never expect your guests to go.  Then, you go to the park together and inviting to join your ever growing circle of friends.  Soon, these new friends visit your home and enter your foyer.