Worship Ministry

This team works together to lead the congregation in weekend worship. By the power of the Holy Spirit, they prepare the hearts of people to hear and respond to the Word of God.


Kimberly-Hawley-400x400Kimberly leads the Worship Ministry.


  • Band Positions
  • Singers
  • Audio Technicians
  • PowerPoint Technicians

Spiritual Gifts: Service, Music

Heart: Serve and Help, Excel, Worship, Dedication

Abilities: Entertainment

Personality: All Personality Types

Notes: Church Membership is required along with an application and interview

Time Commitment: 4-7 Hours/Week


Maria's Story

I’ve been in worship ministry for 16 years. Leading people into the presence of God through worship has been one of the most rewarding things in my life.

I’ve always loved to sing and even took lessons as a teenager, but crippling stage fright kept me from singing in front of anyone.

However, singing for God and to God took all the fear away because I am only there to give him glory and to reside in his presence.

What I want to communicate to the congregation is this - a lyric from one of my favorite songs which depicts exactly what I’m doing: “As our hands lifted high to the sky as the world wonders why, we’ll just tell them we are loving our King.”

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