Video Ministry

The video ministry creates, produces, and finds video clips for a variety of ministries at South Bay. Some of their regular projects include baptism videos, event promotions, sermon illustrations, website, social media, event celebrations, and the church Livestream.


Ashley-Hawley-400x400Ashley leads the Video Ministry.


  • Live Webcasting
  • Camera Operation
  • Video Editing

Spiritual Gifts: Service, Arts and Crafts, Teaching, Wisdom

Heart: Design and Develop, Serve and Help, Pioneer

Abilities: Artistic, Graphics, Planning, Managing, Mechanical Operation, Resourceful, Interviewing Skills, Researching

Personality: All Personality Types

Notes: Able to meet deadlines

Time Commitment: 1 –2 Hours/Week OR 4-7 Hours/Week



Cathy's Story

I felt a calling from the Holy Spirit to join the video ministry. I was asked to join when it was a new ministry in the church and there was a need.

It's quite a sophisticated operation since all the video editing is done live and on the fly. I've enjoyed learning this new technology. It's been a blessing to serve alongside my daughter, Natalie. It's a special time the two of us have enjoyed; working side by side on Sunday mornings.

We've also been blessed to be in the company of others in the ministry as well, including, Ashley and Jason and Aurora, Trudy and Jenn. It's a service for God, to preserve His messages on video, and we are blessed by it.

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