Fellowship & Hospitality Ministry

These teams work together before and after the weekend services to set up, tear down, and clean up the fellowship and hospitality areas.


Ellen-Wilcenski-400x400Ellen leads our Fellowship & Hospitality Ministry.


  • Set up
  • Clean Up
  • Maintenance

Spiritual Gifts: Service, Hospitality

Heart: Serve and Help

Abilities: Planning, Managing, Feeding, Resourceful, and Public Relations

Personality: Extroverted, Thinker or Feeler, Routine, Self-Controlled or Self-Expressive, Cooperative

Notes: None

Time Commitment: 2-4 Hours/Week


Ellen's Story

I love being part of the hospitality team at South Bay Bible Church because I get to see what happens when we gather over a cup of coffee or a meal. We stay a bit longer, we check in on each other, pray with each other and just do life together.  We always have coffee and bagels and donuts after church and you know what, no one rushes off. No one sits alone, and I see Jesus in that.

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