Building & Grounds Ministry

This ministry completes repairs and maintenance on the church property. Stewardship of God’s House is something we care about very much because it lends itself to the first-impression to the community we are trying to reach.


charlie-400x400Charlie leads the Building & Grounds Ministry.


  • Lawn Professionals
  • Landscaping Professionals
  • General Helpers
  • Handymen and Contractors

Spiritual Gifts: Discernment, Knowledge, Service

Heart: Repair, Design and Develop, Serve or Help, Acquire, Improve, Persevere

Abilities: Repairing, Mechanical Operation, Resourceful, Evaluating, Planning, Researching, Artistic, Landscaping, Decorating

Personality: All personality types

Notes: None

Time Commitment: Varies by project and season


Pastor's Thoughts

This is a very important ministry of South Bay because it is such a vital part of our First-Impression to our guests and community members. 

A well-loved facility is inviting and essential to proper ministry of people, and it is the start of showing folks just how much God loves them. 

A special thanks to Charlie who helps care for the regular maintenance of the South Bay facilities and to Vinny who cares for the lawn and does such an amazing job. For the projects that are beyond our ability to oversee, Gerry and his crew do an wonderful job filling in the gaps and emergencies.

If you have any interest in serving in the Building & Grounds Ministry or would like to know more about it, please email us at
We will get back with you within 2-5 business days.

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