Assimilation Ministry

This team delivers a candy-filled mug and writes notes to first- and second-time guests.


gerry-400x400Gerry leads the Assimilation Ministry.


  • Mug Delivery Servants
  • Note-Writing Assistants

Spiritual Gifts: Evangelism, Encouragement, Service

Heart: Meet New People, Operate & Maintain, Serve & Help

Abilities: Welcoming, Penmanship, Writing, Public Relations

Personality: All personality types

Notes: For mug delivery, church membership is required along with a great smile.

Time Commitment: 1-2 Hours/Week



Rhea's Story

Delivering mugs and driving to people’s homes each week is something to which I always look forward. I get to pray for these new people at our church as I drive.

Once I step onto their doorstep and hand them a mug, I am reminded how I once was in need of such spiritual help. It was then God sent people to help me grow in faith through the church.

The reaction I get when people receive their mug is beyond description, and it is a great reward for me too. I never regretted being part of this ministry from the moment it was offered.

I know God is using and expanding my potential through this ministry. I will never tire of doing this ministry, for I can give all glory and honor back to our loving God.

If you have any interest in serving in the Assimilation Ministry or would like to know more about it, please email Gerry at
 Gerry will get back with you within 2-5 business days.

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