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First Impressions Ministry

First Impressions Ministry

First Impressions Ministry

In the First Impressions Ministry, we know a smile and a helping hand go a long way in helping someone relax and connect in our worship services.  That's why our goal is to give a warm welcome to all who attend our services, provide useful information to new guests, and assist individuals with questions they might have about our programs and facilities.

You can be part of our First Impressions Ministry.  Below are several opportunities:

Parking Lot:  Your primary responsibility is to assist guests in finding an appropriate parking space and then helping them find their way into the building. You are also to aid in controlling the traffic flow to ensure the parking lot is a safe and inviting environment.

Greeter:  Your primary responsibility is to greet people as they approach and enter the building by making them feel welcome, warmly shaking their hand, saying good morning, having a conversation, and providing a big smile. If you sense the need, walk with them to where they need to be; it is all right to go the extra mile.

Usher:  Your primary responsibility is to help members and guests to find seating and to collect the offering during the service.

JoAnn Fontana Schoen
Email: joann.fontana56@gmail.com
Phone: (631) 909-8241