Why Easter is the Perfect Time to Invite Someone to Church and How to Go About Doing It

Church.pngDo you find yourself wanting to invite friends or family to attend church with you, but it feels too intimidating? There are a variety of reasons you may be holding back, but God calls us to break through the barrier and get people going! Here are three reasons why Easter is the perfect time to invite someone to church – and a few creative ways you can go about doing it.

1. The Easter Story is the Essence of the Gospel

“...but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8 ESV). The most important piece of information you could ever share with another individual is that Jesus paid the price for our sins by dying on the cross and that he overcame death by resurrecting on the third day. Easter is a day when Jesus followers celebrate Jesus’ victory over death and reflect on the resurrection. Jesus’ sacrifice was real, and Easter provides an opportunity to refocus on the most important part of our faith.

2. Many People Celebrated Easter as a Child

Chocolate bunnies, decorating eggs, and dressing up are just a few of the fun activities associated with Easter for children. Even those who have never been to church most likely have some sort of positive association with Easter, like Spring Break or Easter egg hunts at the park. Fond memories are a powerful thing, and for those who have drifted away from God, an Easter service could be what sparks a new or renewed relationship with the Lord.

3. Easter is Full of Fun Activities

Easter activities aren’t just for kids! Inviting family and friends over for lunch or dinner on Easter is a great way to bring church home and continue the outreach to others. Asking someone to go to church as part of a bigger plan for the day makes the church portion less intimidating, especially for those who haven’t been in a while. The social atmosphere on Easter presents the perfect environment to foster relationships and start new ones.

Creative Ways to Invite Someone to Church

Church Invite Card 1.jpgWhether it’s for Easter or any other church service, a simple, “Hey, would you like to go to church with me this week?” could do the trick when inviting someone to go with you. Be sure to use the invite cards from church to convey the location and service times. If that feels too intimidating, here are a few other ideas that are a little more creative and sure to make someone feel loved.


  1. Church Invite Card 2.jpgSend a card or note. This can vary in complexity and only takes as much energy as you’re willing to put into it. A stationary note on your friend’s front door, a 99¢ greeting card from the grocery store in their mailbox, or even sending a Greetabl are all great options. Greetabl is a fun way to send some love in the mail that includes a message plus a few photos you can upload from your computer, phone, or Instagram account. They even have Easter themed greetings available! Another option is a church eVite. An eVite is another simple “click and send” electronic invitation.
  2. Utilize social media. Social media can be an incredible tool when used appropriately. You can simply visit the Easter Block Party Facebook Event Page or the SBBC Sunday Morning Service Facebook Event Page and invite one or more friends right from there. As I was writing this, I just visited those pages, clicked that I was going, and invited 116 local friends to come with me in less than one minute. It’s extremely easy!
  3. Bake (or buy) baked goods. Who doesn’t love frosted cookies or mini cupcakes? Whatever your specialty, whip something up and deliver it in person. To make it even easier, grab an extra prepared treat the next time you’re at the grocery store. This act alone will brighten someone’s day, and if you’re already there delivering a thoughtful surprise, it’s the perfect time to give someone an invite card from church with a simple, “Hey, would you like to go to church with me on Easter?”

Who will you invite?

Now that you have three good reasons why to invite someone to church on Easter and ideas on how to go about doing it, think about who you would like to invite. Is it that neighbor you casually say hi to when checking the mail? Or is it your brother who hasn’t been to a service in years? Maybe it’s someone you haven’t seen for a while, but they’ve been on your mind.

Whoever it is, God will be delighted you are taking an interest in others and will bless  you in the process of reaching out to the people you know. Think of three or more people. Write down their names. Pray for them, then reach out with some type of invitation to church. Even if the person you invite does not accept your invitation, the gesture alone could have a huge impact on them. That neighbor might feel less lonely, your brother might realize you haven’t given up on him, or that friend will be assured of your love and friendship.

Titled “The Great Commission” for good reason, Matthew 28:16-20 describes the Christian duty to spread the Gospel. “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations… teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” If you desire to spread God’s love to those around you, consider extending a church invitation this Easter. What better time to spread God’s love and the Gospel message?

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eVite a Friend to  Church this Easter

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