Best Blogs of 2022

Here are the top posts of 2022, chosen by you! Thank you to everyone that has read and shared these posts with their friends and family.



The Gift of Shepherding

The Lord is our shepherd, but there are believers who the Holy Spirit has gifted with the ability to shepherd while living here on earth. 

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The Gift of Helps / Service

While all Christians are called to serve, the Holy Spirit has given some believers the spiritual gifts of helps or service. 

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The Gift of Tongues and Prophecy

The charismatic gifts, such as the gifts of tongues and prophecy, are certainly the most controversial. Let's unpack these gifts together.

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The Gift of Mercy

Did you know that there’s actually a spiritual gift of mercy? The Holy Spirit has given some Christians an extra dose of mercy to serve the church.

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The Gift of Evangelism

God gifts the church with evangelists or people who share the good news and lead others to Christ. 

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The Gift of Administration

Those with this gift are focused on the needs of others in the church, using their gift to serve. They use their organizational skills to help the church.

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The Gift of Discernment

The Holy Spirit has given some believers the gift of discernment in order to protect the church and its members from those who may have bad intentions.

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The Gift of Teaching

We need church teachers, such as pastors or community group leaders, who have the ability to communicate God’s word in a way that everyone can understand.

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What to Look for in a Church: Sound Doctrine

What you listen to and learn shapes you. That’s why it is so important to look for a church with sound doctrine. 

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Are You Ungrateful? 7 Signs You Might Be

We usually fail to recognize ungratefulness in ourselves. Before Thanksgiving arrives, we hope you will take some time to evaluate the state of your heart.

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