Best Blogs of 2019

Here are the top posts of 2019, chosen by you! Thank you to everyone that has read and shared these posts with their friends and family.


Peace at Christmas:
Advent Series Part 4

For our final blog in the Advent series, I’m writing about true peace -- a peace that comes from trusting God.

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Hope at Christmas:
Advent Series Part 1

The season of Advent is a symbolic time of spiritual preparation to remember the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas and to anticipate His future coming.

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Beatitudes Attitude: Blessed Are Those Mourn

In this beatitude, those who mourn are not mourning the sorrows of the world such as death, failure, or suffering. It is not speaking about those mourning the immediate consequences of sin. Specifically, Jesus is telling his followers that those who despise their sin and are broken over their sin are blessed.

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Love at Christmas:
Advent Series Part 2

Love came down on Christmas Day! At the birth of Jesus, our world received the greatest demonstration of love ever.

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The Bait of Satan Book Review

Review of the book The Bait of Satan by John Bevere

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Joy at Christmas:
Advent Series Part 3

This third week of advent is a reminder of why we celebrate Christmas. Here’s a quick hint: Joy to the world! The Lord has come!

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It's All About Me: Self-Righteousness

You may be self-righteous without even realizing it because self-righteousness is something no one sees in the mirror.

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The Path to Thankfulness

To help us on our path to gratefulness, let’s look at a few key traits of grumblers and turn our attention from grumbling to gratitude.

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Beatitudes Attitude: Blessed Are the Meek

When people hear “meek,” they tend to think of people who are quiet and timid. However, meekness is a character trait we should strive to possess. Meek is having the wisdom to practice restraint and trust God.

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Beatitudes Attitude: Blessed Are The Poor in Spirit

You may not know what the beatitudes mean, but you’ve heard them. It may be a part of the Bible you think is pretty but doesn’t really have anything to do with your day-to-day life. This is where you might be mistaken.

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