How to Worship When You Can't Attend a Traditional Church Service


There are times in life when you aren’t able to attend a traditional church service on Sunday morning. This could be due to traveling, being physically unable to leave your home, or some other life occurrence.

Fortunately, we live in a time when there are many ways to worship – even if you can’t make it to a physical church location yourself.

So the next time you find yourself unable to attend a church service, consider these options.

1. Read and study on your own

Our relationship with God is first and foremost, personal. This means that we can build our relationship with him regardless of where we are. For millennia, believers have kept God close to their hearts when the world around them was uninterested and disengaged. And today, we can still connect with God without a physical church to attend.

Open up your Bible (physical or on your smartphone) and spend some time reading over the Word of God, his promises, and his desires for your life. Then pray and communicate with God – discussing your greatest challenges, struggles, joys, and dreams.

I recommend an online Bible called the Blue Letter Bible.

God wants to be an intimate part of your life – and this is always the best place to find him whether you can make it to church or not.

2. Find a small group or individual you can study with

Although our personal relationship with God should be the cornerstone of our faith, we are always encouraged to worship with others. As Jesus says in Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

If you’re traveling, consider popping into a church in the area you’re visiting, or find a group to meet with up

Meanwhile, if you’re physically unable to leave home, consider finding someone to worship with you. Depending on where you are, it’s often possible to find caregivers or friends who also love and serve Jesus Christ.

3. Reach out to a church to see if they are able to accommodate you

The beautiful thing about the body of Christ is that it’s very loving and accepting. If you are confined to your home simply because there is no one to take you to church, then reach out to local churches and tell them about your situation.

Most churches have members who are more than happy to pick you up on their way to church. And remember, because many churches have healthcare professionals as members, they can often find a way to accommodate you – even if you are on crutches or in a wheelchair.

If they aren’t able to help you make it to church, it’s more than likely that someone will be able to stop by to visit and pray with you.

4. Listen to sermons on the radio, an app, or online

Sermons have been aired on the radio for decades – and now there are apps and websites that provide even more options.

Whether you’re on the road, in a hotel, or confined to bed at home, you can enjoy a wide range of sermons and inspirational thoughts by turning on the radio or doing a quick Google search.

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5. Watch live church services online or on TV

What’s better than listening to a sermon? Being able to watch it. Not only do you appreciate the message, but you can enjoy the full worship experience – seeing the pastor’s face, observing how others react, and being able to see any elements of the service that are enhanced through sight.

We are excited to announce that at South Bay Bible Church we have just launched live-streaming of our sermons – where you can watch our services live at 9:30 am EST on Sunday mornings via a computer, iPad, or phone.

Watch Church Now

Plus, all of our archived sermons will be available for viewing – just in case you can’t make it on Sunday morning. This gives you the opportunity to worship with us at any time, from anywhere, by visiting

Our hope is to help people connect with Jesus Christ – by whatever means possible. If we can assist you in attending our congregation, or finding a community near you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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