Everybody Always Book Review

everybodyalwaysEvery youngster has a hero. Even though I’m no longer a child, I’ve decided I want to be just like Bob Goff when I grow up. Bob has an amazing zest for life and a fearless sense of adventure. This is evidenced by a life well-lived. Bob’s life is all about making it look easy to trust God and love all His people, even the “creepy” ones.

I was thrilled when my copy of Everybody Always landed on my desk. I could hardly wait to see if Bob’s second book, Love Does, was as good as his first. Love Does was full of whimsical anecdotes and stories to encourage and uplift the soul. I was hoping to find the same eccentric and outlandish Bob in this encore publication, but Everybody Always surprised me with its depth. I would belly laugh, then cry, then belly laugh again. I often listen to books as I walk, and as I was listening to the end of Everybody Always, I busted out in an ugly cry as I was walking because of the awesomeness of God in Bob’s story. I was completely overwhelmed! Thanks, Bob, for sharing your life with me.

Although many of the stories still have an element of playful candor, Bob also shares about his ministry, which includes starting schools in underprivileged countries and taking the witchdoctors of the area to court for heinous, abhorrent crimes against children.


“God has never looked in your mirror or mine and wished He saw someone else.”

Do you ever wish you were someone else? “God doesn’t,” Bob says. His Word reassures us over and over how He loves us perfectly just as we are. Bob’s reminder to us is that God doesn’t want us to look or act like someone we’re not. He doesn’t want a perfected, wax museum, spruced-up self. He just wants you, authentically because He created us to be enough.


“He wants our hearts, not our help.”

Do you trust that God is at work not only in your life, but in the lives of those around you? If ever you find yourself questioning God’s presence in this life, Everybody Always is packed with stories of God working through everyday people and circumstances.


“We don’t need to call everything we do ‘ministry’ anymore either. Just call it Tuesday.”

Have you ever ridden in a limousine? Bob shares about a limo ride he took from the airport to Disney World. Instead of kicking back and resting, Bob chose to engage with the driver. After sharing his life’s story, the driver admitted he was retiring soon. On a whim, Bob asked the driver if he had ever ridden in a limo. The driver laughed and said no. Bob challenged him to pull over and allow him to drive, and much to his surprise, he did! “What can they do, fire you?”  When you have a heartfelt desire to serve, you will find opportunities outside of the usual parameters. This is how you become love.


“If we want more faith, we need to do more stuff.”

The final section of the book is the most compelling. Bob, an attorney, led a case for a young man in Uganda who had been mutilated by a witchdoctor. The case went well, and the witchdoctor went to prison. Bob thought he could move on, but he was unable to stop thinking about the witchdoctor. Bob prayed and prayed. He had to go talk with him out of obedience to God’s clear prompting.

I don’t want to ruin the end of the story for you. This is the one that made me have an ugly cry! You must read it for yourself. Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, God blows you away with another miracle! I never could have anticipated the sheer magnitude of this story.

This book is one of two I have read in the past decade that rocked me to the core of my being. It has changed my thinking, and I am pleased to recommend this book to everyone I can.

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