7 Benefits of Being Part of a Small Group

Church.pngWhile attending church every week is good for you – both spiritually and physically – it shouldn’t be your only interaction with believers on a weekly basis. Christianity is best experienced as part of a community, and one hour a week certainly isn’t enough.

Being part of a small group is tremendously beneficial for the Christian experience. Not only do you get to experience God with other believers outside of a weekly church service, but you also have the opportunity to go deeper in your studies and relationships – all while socializing and having a good time.

Here are 7 reasons why you should join a small group:

1. In a small group, you are noticed

Although most churches try to ensure that every member feels valued, this isn’t always possible when people interact once a week. Small groups make you part of a tighter community of friends – who will notice immediately if you aren’t around or aren’t acting like yourself. When you’re part of a small group, people know your name, care about you, and are willing and able to support you when it’s needed most.

2. In a small group, you are a leader

If you have a desire to grow in your own leadership abilities, becoming part of a small group is an excellent way to start. Because the purpose of a small group is to grow big enough to multiply, virtually everyone can become a leader. Grow your own leadership skills, while making a positive impact on your community, by joining, and maybe even starting a small group.

3. Small groups give you an extended family

Some of us live hundreds of miles from our families. Others have no families at all. Being part of a small group that meets weekly to eat, talk, and fellowship gives you the same loyalty and support that you would receive from family. And family is priceless.

4. Small groups allow you to search and ask questions

No one has all of the answers to questions about God, Christianity, and our spiritual journey – not even pastors. While church services are focused on teaching and training, a small group gives you the ability to ask these hard questions in a safe environment – and seek the answers together. Group is one of the best ways to grow your spiritual life. You can discuss challenges, praises, and questions with other earnest seekers and Jesus followers.

5. Small groups provide advice and support

Small groups don’t only help with spiritual questions, they can also provide support on a plethora of life matters. Ask for prayer regarding your career, relationships, and other life decisions. When we seek out the knowledge and wisdom of others before making a difficult life choice, the final outcome is almost always better.

6. Small groups improve your communication skills and critical thinking abilities

One of the best ways to expand your own decision making and analytical abilities is to critically evaluate and discuss challenging concepts – such as the ideas of Salvation, Heaven, the Trinity, and the Second Coming. Not only can these discussions give you a better understanding of God and his love, they can also improve your ability to think about other difficult ideas at work or school.

7. Small groups improve your attitude

When you have people that pray for you every week (or maybe even every day), text you periodically, and truly care about your life, it’s hard not to walk around with a smile on your face. When other people care about the challenges in your life, they suddenly don’t matter as much to you – and you can spend your time on life’s more positive aspects. Having a positive friend in a group will inevitably make your life more positive and enjoyable.

And ultimately, small groups help the church grow

As Christians our responsibility is stated clearly at the end of Matthew – to go out and make disciples of all the earth. Unfortunately, this is often hard to do because people feel intimidated to visit churches.

Small groups, on the other hand, give you the opportunity to connect with people in less-threatening environment. Someone who wouldn’t set foot in a church may still enjoy discussing spirituality over dinner with friends.

Truly, there are many benefits of small groups – for each member, the church as a whole, our community, and our world.

If you’re ready to become part of a small group that’s focused on becoming more like Christ – while receiving the benefits listed above – then reach out to our team at the South Bay Bible Church. We’ll introduce you to one of our small groups so that you can join this exciting movement.

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