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Opportunity - Investment Opportunity

Part 4 of 4 - (Matthew 25:19-21, 26) – October 5-6: The longer you live, the more you'll have to give. Invest your time in those coming along behind. The value of your life is determined by how much of it you give away. Our culture says life's value is found in what we achieve or what we accumulate. But those things eventually fade away. We each have a treasure chest full of life experiences that will die with us unless we become intentional about distributing our wealth. The value of your life is found when we share those experiences.


Opportunity - Marriages That Pray Together ______ ______.

Part 3 of 4 - (Ephesians 5:21-22, 25; James 3:13-17) – September 28-29: Couples who pray together are more likely to stay together. No one likes to be wrong. No one likes to be told what to do. But insisting you're always right isn't a recipe for a great marriage. Great marriages are built on humility...on the willingness of both spouses to submit to each other and to God. But how do you do that? It all begins with prayer.


Opportunity - Today's Decisions Tomorrow's Realities

Part 2 of 4 - (Matthew 7:24; 15:17–20, 1 Corinthians 6:18–20) – September 21-22: Get out of debt, stay out of bed, and clean out your closet. You'll be glad you did … Or you'll wish you had. Today's decisions become tomorrow's realities. Wise and discerning people understand that. They choose to live as if life is connected, as if each decision matters. That's because they know that their present becomes their past that shapes their future. In each season of life, we make decisions that shape what our lives look like in the next season.


Opportunity - Labels People Place On Us

Part 1 of 4 - (Romans 12:2) – September 14-15: Labels are powerful things. The labels people put on you could cause you to miss God’s plan for your life. We all wear labels. Many of the labels we wear were placed on us by others - parents, siblings, friends, teachers, coaches, or coworkers. But what if we're carrying around the wrong labels? Who has the right to label you? Who are you going to allow to label you? Who knows best how to label you? Labels create expectations and expectations influence the direction of our lives.


Cultivating Community - The Call to Community

September 7 & 8: The need for community is deeply ingrained into the soul of every person, both the believer and non-believer. Community is more than connectedness, but it is communion. Biblical community is deeper than mere relationships.


Enormous Church - Enormous Opportunity

Part 7 of 7 - (Acts 28) – August 31 & September 1: Enable us to speak your word with great boldness. Let's be bold with our invitations. Let's be bold with our volunteering. Let's be bold with our giving. Let's be bold with our prayers. Let's be bold with our love!


Enormous Church - Enormous Answers

Part 6 of 7 - (Galatians 5:16-23) – August 24-25: Does the church matter? Yes. We are stewards of the message of eternal life. And we are stewards of the message of a better life. What if suddenly all the teaching and ideas the church promotes and values vanished from society? What would the world look like? No value for human life. No grace. No forgiveness. No generosity. No sanctity of marriage. No sexual purity. No love! Think about the world without the church.


Enormous Church - Enormous Drifts

Part 5 of 7 - (Acts 15) – August 17-18: We have to work hard not to be a church where grace and truth conflict but coexist. Let's be more concerned with who we are reaching rather than just who we are keeping. Let's always err on the side of grace. Let's remain openhanded. Let's follow what James, the brother of Jesus said and not make it difficult for those who are turning to God.


Enormous Church - Enormous & Audience

Part 4 of 7 - (Acts 5, 8, & 9) – August 10-11: The message of the church is a message for the world. The message for the world is Christ died for our sins. He was buried. He was raised, and He appeared. That's the message the first century church gave their lives for.


Enormous Church - Enormous & Bold

Part 3 of 7 - (Acts 4-5) – August 3-4: Why can’t Christians just leave people alone? Good news, most Christians do just that. If Christians had been doing what we're supposed to, things would be much different. But, we got busy. We got distracted. We got safe. Don't be an undercover Christian. Don't be a secret Christian any longer.


Enormous Church - Enormous Prayers

Part 2 of 7 - (Acts 4) – July 27-28: Small prayers are for small churches. How we pray is an indication of if we’ve strayed. If God answered all the prayers you prayed last year, would there be much of a difference in the lives of anyone other than you and your family? The first century church prayed big, bold, brave, and broad prayers that at times got them into some trouble.


Enormous Church - Day One

Part 1 of 7 - (Matthew 16:16-18; Acts 1:6-8; Acts 2) – July 20-21: The church was born as a movement. It’s still moving. What comes to mind when you hear the word "church"? In the first century, they didn't think building, rows, pews, robes, hymnals, bands, or liturgy because they had none of that. Church was simply a multiplying, multicultural gathering of people who came together around one belief: Jesus is the risen Christ, the Savior of the world, the son of the living God.


Resurrecting Hope - Removing Barriers

Part 3 of 3 - (Acts 15:1–2, 5, 7–8, 10–11, 19–21): We should remove every unnecessary barrier to the person and message of Jesus. People must feel the message is for them. The gospel is an invitation for everyone. The message must be clear.


Waiting Room- A Look At How God Wants Us To Wait

(Psalm 127) – July 6-7: Waiting Time is not Wasted Time. There is hope for the one who waits on God. We do not say ‘yes’ to a plan, but rather a person. He is committed and will be faithful to you. The moment you are about to break may be the moment that God is about to bless. This isn’t a prosperity message, but rather an attempt to change your perspective on what it means to wait on God.


Resurrecting Hope - In With The New. Out With The Old.

Part 2 of 3 - (Acts 9:1–2, 13–15; 10:14–15, 27–28, 34–35, 39–40, 45; 11:1–3, 21, 25–26; 1 Corinthians 5:12; Deuteronomy 25:11–12) – June 29-30: The apologetic of the early church was built on the resurrection. The Jewish flavor of early Christianity created an unhealthy, blended-model tradition that almost derailed the entire enterprise. Things came to a head at the Jerusalem Counsel.


Resurrecting Hope - The Foundation

Part 1 of 3 - (Acts 1:21–22; 2:6–8, 13–15, 22–24, 32, 37–38; 3:13–15; 4:1, 3, 7–10, 13, 20; 5:29, 30, 32–33, 40–42) – June 22-23: The reason for our faith in Jesus—and thus our hope—is the resurrection. We must reclaim this for the sake of the generation who left Christianity and the next generation as well.


Marriage - The G-A-P-S in Marriage

Part 4 of 4 - (1 Corinthians 13:4-7) – June 15 & 16: Staying in love requires believing the best. What's different about people who stay in love? What is their secret . . . their magic formula? They've learned what to place in the gaps between expectations and reality. To wrap up this series, Pastor Hawley shares this secret from a part of the familiar Scripture passage, 1 Corinthians 13.


Marriage - What's Love Got To Do With It?

Part 3 of 4 - (Proverbs 4:23) – June 8 & 9: Your ability to stay in love has as much to do with the condition of your heart as it does the behavior of your partner. What's in you is coming out, so pay attention to what's in you. What happens after I do? How can the person to whom a woman gave her deepest vow become the person she despises most? How can the beautiful woman a man couldn't stay away from become the person he can't stand to be around? In part 3, Pastor Hawley dispels a common myth about why we fall out of love and exposes the true problem.


Marriage - Blueprint for Marriage

Part 2 of 4 - (Philippians 2:3-8) – June 1 & 2: Relationship comes before rights, rank, or respect. Do you remember what it felt like to fall in love? How you would do anything for that person? What happens to those feelings? Falling in love comes naturally. But staying in love requires a plan. While many couples just endure their marriages, in this message, Pastor Hawley shares a blueprint for maintaining, and even growing, those feelings over time.


Marriage - The Secret To Staying In Love

Part 1 of 4 - (John 13:34; Ephesians 5:21) – May 25 and 26: Make love a verb. It's a verb ... not a noun. We are to love and submit to one another as Christ loved us and submitted himself for our sake. It's never been easier to fall in love and never been harder to stay in love. Is it even possible for two people to be happy together forever? Yes. Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus gave us the foundation for enduring love. In this message, Pastor Hawley reveals the simple, yet powerful, principle.


Scott Rigsby- Do The Unthinkable

 Scott Rigsby is a double amputee who has completed more than 13 triathlons. In 2007, after 17 exhausting hours, he did the unthinkable! Scott became the first double amputee in the world to finish the grueling Hawaiian Ironman triathlon of 140.6 miles using prosthetics at the Ford Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii – the most arduous triathlon on earth. In doing so, he set another world record. In this message he shares his testimony live at South Bay.


Down & Out - Helping Another in The 9th

Part 4 of 4 - (Mark 2) – May 11 and 12: How should you respond when others face a bottom-of-the-ninth moment? It's not about saying something or doing something. It's about being someone. Learn to help someone who’s in the bottom of the ninth.


Down & Out - What Do You Do When You Lose?

Part 3 of 4 - (Acts 7:51-60) – May 4 and 5: What happens when there is no bottom-of-the-ninth comeback? What happens when you lose? Where can you find hope when hope disappears? You can be used even when you lose.


Down & Out - Do This When Life Is Dark

Part 2 of 4 - (Joshua 3:15-4:9) – April 27 & 28: When you're facing a dark moment in life, doing this one thing can bring you into the light. Memorialize what God did in the light so you can point to what he can do in the dark.


Down & Out - Anything Is Possible

Part 1 of 4 - (Matthew 19:23-26) – April 21: Have you ever felt behind financially, relationally, or emotionally? What do you do when you feel like your life is trailing in the bottom of the ninth? If you’ve ever felt Down & Out, here’s what we are going to discover in this series: You may be down, but you’re never out. There is still hope. Sure, you may be behind. Sure, you may feel down. But you’re not out. It may be the bottom of the ninth, but there’s still a chance to turn this game around.


The Lord's Prayer - Our Father's Supremacy

Part 6 of 6 - (Matthew 6:13b) – March 24: Most end their prayers with Amen, but Jesus gives us a different, more appropriate way to conclude our time of prayer in a powerful remembrance of what God is all about. Try this, and you’ll be surprised how your heart and mind will be more aligned with God Almighty.


The Lord's Prayer - Our Father's Protection

Part 5 of 6 - (Matthew 6:13) – March 17: All sin seems pleasurable for a season, but in the end, it often wreaks havoc in our lives. Then, instead of going a different direction, we end up going back and doing the same thing all over again! What if there were a way to escape the cycle of madness and self-destruction? In this part of the Lord’s prayer, Jesus gives us a secret ingredient to tap into the protection of our heavenly Father.


The Lord's Prayer - Our Father's Credit

Part 4 of 6 - (Matthew 6:12) – March 10: A debt is created every time we mess up, miss perfection, and sin. It’s a spiritual debt, and it must be paid. This is our greatest need even above our daily bread and basic needs in life. The good news is a provision has been made, and here, Jesus tells how to access our Father’s credit and pay a debt we could never pay on our own.


The Lord's Prayer - Our Father Cares

Part 3 of 6 - (Matthew 6:11) – February 24: God is the marvelous Creator of the entire universe. Does God really care about the details of our daily lives? Does He have the time to notice little me? In this part of the Lord’s prayer, Jesus teaches us that bread is symbolic for everything we need for life including food, a healthy body, good weather, a house, our relationships, peace, and safety just to name a few, and as we’ll learn, God really does care!


The Lord's Prayer - Our Father's Will

Part 2 of 6 - (Matthew 6:10) – February 17: A big reason many are not able to pray with confidence is they don’t know what to pray for. This is where Jesus steps in and teaches us to pray in a different direction. The real business of prayer is not necessarily getting what I want; it’s getting what God wants in Heaven done on earth.


The Lord's Prayer - Our Father

Part 1 of 6 - (Matthew 6:9) – February 10: Jesus came to show us the Father and revealed him as Abba or daddy. Have you ever thought of God in those terms? Yet in the very same sentence, Jesus reminds us of God’s unapproachable, perfect holiness. Which is it? Could it be both? Almighty God is our Holy, Exalted heavenly daddy.


A Man After God's Heart - What to do with Failed Dreams

Part 5 of 5 - (2 Samuel 12:11-13; 13:12-15; 14:32; 15:10, 23-26; 17:7-9; 18:5-8, 19; Psalm 25:1, 5) – February 3: Plans are great. Reality is greater. Reality wins. Things don’t always go as planned. Some dreams don’t come true. So, what do you do when you discover your dream can’t come true?


A Man After God's Heart - Becoming an Inspiring Leader

Part 4 of 5 - (1 Samuel 16:6-12; 18:18; 24:4-6, 12-13; 26:7-11; 2 Samuel 4:8-12; 5:1-4; John 13:1-5, 14-15; Mark 10:45) – January 27: Few things are as repulsive as a leader, parent, boss, or politician who leverages influence for his or her benefit to the neglect of whom he or she is responsible. Few things inspire more than a leader who says no to himself or herself in order to say yes to those for whom he or she is responsible. So how can we lead well when authority is placed in our hands?


A Man After God's Heart - Revenge!

Part 3 of 5: The way of God isn't appealing when we have been wronged by someone else. Our natural urge is to try to get even. We want to wrong the people who wrong us as a way of getting payback. That seems just. It seems fair. But does it solve anything? Maybe there’s a better way. 


A Man After God's Heart - Giant Killer

Part 2 of 5: (1 Samuel 20:30–31; 21:1–4, 6, 8–9; 17:47; 22:10–11, 13–17, 22; Psalm 9:9–10; Matthew 11:28–29) – January 13: The way of God is most unappealing when we are angry, isolated, or afraid. That’s when we consider things we would never otherwise consider. It's when we feel compelled to do something . . . anything. But maybe there's a better way.


A Man After God's Heart - What Made David Great

Part 1 of 5: (1 Samuel 17:1-4, 7-11; 8:1-7; 17:11, 26, 36-37; Psalm 25:1, 3, 5) – January 6: David went from humble shepherd to national hero to great king. But he wasn't great because of his reputation or military prowess. He was great because of where he'd learned to place his hope.


Why God Became One of Us - Putting Religion In Its Place

Part 4 of 4: (John 1:14; Mark 2:24, 27; Isaiah 1:11-17; Matthew 22:37-40) – December 16: We want answers for life's mysteries. Is there an afterlife? Will I see my mom again? What does the Bible say about divorce? Religion tries to answer those questions. Religion is about answers, order, and predictability. Unfortunately, life isn't about any of those things. Life can be messy. Religion has a place in our lives, but Jesus taught us it shouldn't be in first place. When religion takes first place, it begins flexing its muscles at the expense of mercy. Jesus came to put religion in its place.


Why God Became One of Us - Classless

Part 3 of 4: (John 1:14; Luke 7:39-40; Romans 5:7-8) – December 9: We've all been picked on for something we had no control over. It's dehumanizing. In all likelihood, you've also picked on others. It's such a strange thing. It's such a human thing. The easiest way to feel superior is to find a person or group we think is inferior and power up. We've probably all been guilty of this outwardly or inwardly. One of the reasons Jesus came into the world was to change all that.


Why God Became One of Us - Like Father, Like Son

Part 2 of 4: (John 1:14, 18; 9:1-38) – November 25: If there is a God, we all want to know what he's like. We're curious. We tend to look at nature, outer space, or within ourselves to find clues about him. However, it only provides us with an incomplete picture. Jesus made a radical claim. He said if you want to know about God, look no further than him. If you've seen the Son, you've seen the Father.


Why God Became One of Us - To Communicate and Demonstrate

Part 1 of 4: (John 1:14; 14:1-11; 1:18) – November 18: Why would God leave the comfort and recognition of heaven to live on this ball of dirt in a time when the best of conditions barely paralleled the worst of modern-day conditions – before morphine, before air conditioning, and before indoor plumbing? Why? We think we know why he died, but what compelled him to live as one of us?


Success - Think It Through

Part 4 of 4: (Romans 12:1-2) – October 7: We get what we really want when we surrender to what God really wants for us. What you naturally want is often in conflict with what you ultimately value. But your heavenly Father knows what you need. He wants for you what you really want. So, how do you put aside those natural wants and pursue what you ultimately value?


Success - Last Things First

Part 3 of 4: (Romans 7:15; Galatians 5:22-23, 25-26) – September 30: Discover what you value, value what you discover, and don't be surprised if you discover God in the process. What do you want? What do you really want? We’ll never get what we really want until we discover what is most valuable. And what we naturally want is often in conflict with what we ultimately value. So, in order to figure out what you really want, you have to figure out what you value.


Success - Think It Through

Part 2 of 4: (Romans 7:15–16, 18–19; Galatians 5:19–21 (NLT); James 1:14–16) – September 23: What we naturally want is rarely what we ultimately want. We’ll never get what we really want until we discover what is most valuable. But choosing what’s valuable isn’t natural. We’ve all had the experience of getting what we naturally want, only to discover it's not what is most valuable—it’s not what we ultimately want. But how do we avoid being deceived by our short-term desires?


Success - Think It Through

Part 1 of 4: (James 4:1-3) – September 16: If you don't know what you really want, you'll probably end up with exactly what you don't want. We all have wants. But actually getting what we want can be tricky . . . and even dangerous. It usually leaves us wanting more. If what we want leads to a cycle of wanting more and more, maybe we want the wrong things. So, what do you really want?


Resolving Conflict - The Right Help

Part 8 of 8 - (Matthew 18) – September 2: When you’re in over your head, there is an unexpected resource that just about everyone overlooks. Even if you know it exists, pride and fear play a significant role in keeping you from getting the help you need. When you push through, however, the right support will arrive.


Resolving Conflict - The Right Attitude

Part 7 of 8 (Proverbs 9:9; 12:15; 13:19; 15:32; 17:10) – August 26: Even when criticism is inaccurate and unkind, it can still be a blessing and help you grow if you apply this one filter when you listen carefully. When you apply this filter to your life, you will be able to welcome any criticism in your life.


Resolving Conflict - The Right Judgment

Part 6 of 8 (Matthew 7:12; Ephesians 5:1-2) – August 19: Judge not lest you be judged! Does the Bible really mean all that? How does God want us to judge the wrongs that have been done to us, and what difference will it make in the people that have hurt us so badly.


Resolving Conflict - The Right Response

Part 5 of 8 (Ephesians 4:32; Matthew 6:12; 1 Corinthians 13:5) – August 12: Sometimes relationships are so destroyed and offenses so severe that there is only one thing left to do. When you get this right, it changes everything!


Resolving Conflict - The Right Approach

Part 4 of 8 (Matthew 7:3-5; 1 John 1:8-9; Proverbs 28:13) – August 5: There’s one approach that brings refreshment in almost every conflict, but we’re usually not very good at it. Join us this Sunday for seven things that will change your entire approach and provide you the best chance of restoring peace and harmony.


Resolving Conflict - The Right Heart

Part 3 of 8 (Matthew 7:3-4; Philippians 2:3-4; Ephesians 4:32) – July 29: When things get heated, people are naturally quick to judge the actions, attitudes, heart, and even intentions of others. Following this one principle will ensure you have the right heart from the start.


Resolving Conflict - The Right Focus

Part 2 of 8 (1 Corinthians 10:31) – July 22: Conflict is a difference in opinion or purpose that frustrates someone’s goals or desires. Success in dealing with this difference in opinion or purpose is not so much a matter of specific results as it is about having the right focus.


Resolving Conflict - The Right Priority

Part 1 of 8 (Matthew 5:23-24) – July 15: There’s one thing that is the biggest destroyer of all relationships. It’s the same thing at home, work, with friends, or casual acquaintances. If you get this one thing right, you will be far ahead of most when it comes to peaceful relationships.


Chaotic Life? - Chaotic-er

Part 4 of 4 (1 Samuel 18-29; 24:1-12) – July 1: Don't add water to the flood. Don't make your chaos event more chaotic-er. Do the right thing. When you have a chaos to address, first options aren’t usually the best options. First options often make chaotic messes more chaotic. In this message, pastor explores an approach that can take the -er out of your chaotic situations.


Chaotic Life? - The Flip

Part 3 of 4 (Philippians 1:3-6, 9-11) – June 24: The Christian experience is not about avoiding another chaos. It's about becoming something. A common misperception is that the Christian life is all about avoiding chaotic messes and staying out of trouble. But following Jesus isn’t about avoiding something; it’s about becoming something.


Chaotic Life? - Best Chaos Ever

Part 2 of 4 (John 3:17; 8:12; Matthew 7:26, 24-25) – June 17: The chaos that brings us together brought God near. Your chaos can be the avenue that brings God near to you. I know a chaos when I see one because I am a chaotic mess. When we acknowledge our chaos, we're a baby step away from acknowledging God. Your chaos has the potential to bring God near you.


Chaotic Life? - The Chaos in the Mirror

Part 1 of 4 (Romans 3:19-20, 23) – June 10: If you can see your chaos, you can see God. To recognize one is to acknowledge the other. Whether we’re religious or not, we’ve all been in, are in, or are only one decision away from a chaotic mess. But there’s a powerful connection between your chaos and your relationship with God.


Pride - The Three P's

Part 2 of 3 (Luke 16) – May 6: Power, prestige, and possessions are a stewardship; they are temporary. We are accountable. Maybe you’re a “Three P” person—you have power, prestige, and possessions. You have influence. You are envied. People take you seriously because of what you’ve accomplished, what you look like, or to whom you’re married. There’s nothing wrong with being a “Three P” person. But when it comes to pride, “Three P” people face a unique challenge.


Pride - Remember Who It's For

Part 3 of 3 (Mark 1:4-5; John 1:15, 19-27, 29, 35-37; 3:26-28, 30-31) – May 13: Remember who it's from and who it's for. We all want to be friended, followed, liked, and mentioned. We all want to be recognized, admired, sought after, and envied. We hunger for approval. We want applause. We want to be known. But what do you do when there is no amount of “known” that will satisfy your appetite?


Pride - Saying No to Pride

Part 1 of 3 (Psalm 10:4; Philippians 2:7-8) – April 29: Saying “no” to pride is saying “yes” to God. Pride is a sin that is so common to the human experience, and it is the gateway to all other sins. It promises to make us bigger, better, and more important, but it only makes us smaller, meaner, and less significant. It strips us of our capacity to connect with others. It stands between us and our heavenly Father.


Losing Your Religion - Unfair and Uncomfortable

Part 4 of 4 - Unfair and Uncomfortable (Romans 5:6-8) – April 22: Fairness isn't an argument. Every religion recognizes our failures. In fact, we can label our failures as "mistakes," but there's no denying that everyone falls short. Maybe it's unfair that we don't measure up, but it's true. Maybe it's uncomfortable that we needed help to get out of our mess, but it's true. The reality is this – we live in a broken world, and we're a part of it. So what did God do about that?


Losing Your Religion - The Eight Commandments

Part 3 of 4 - The Eight Commandments (Romans 8:1-4) – April 15: All religions aren't wrong. They’re just incomplete. They lead to our need for a Savior.

A famous Christian author wrote that the world's major religions have eight major themes, eight commandments in common. That list included loving others ... respecting others ... and being honest ... among other ethical standards. So in light of those eight commandments, what makes Christianity so different?


Losing Your Religion - Just in Case

Part 2 of 4 - Jesus did not show up to give answers as much as to be the answer. Religion asks, "Who's right?" Christianity asks, "Who's Jesus?" Religion asks, "What's true?" Christianity asks, "What happened?"

Religion can be weird. Odd cultic behavior. Faces of religious icons appearing in random places. Fanatical rules and restrictions to follow in order to be "good." Are these all misguided attempts by religious nuts to connect with God? Are we trying too hard to make sense of something so big and mysterious? How is what Jesus offers any different?


Losing Your Religion -  Reflections of a Zealot

Part 1 of 4 - Religion exists to control you. Jesus came to restore you.

Losing faith is part of the human experience. We all know someone who lost faith. And if we're honest, we'll agree that there are many reasons to lose faith--from all the harm that has been done in the name of religion to wondering if God really hears our prayers. But, what if we lose faith for the wrong reasons? What if we have been looking for God in all the wrong places?

LO$T - Rescued 

Part 6 of 6  -  (Proverbs 28:26)–March 25:
There are three financial decisions we must make.


LO$T - You Are Not Alone

Part 5 of 6 - (Special Service)–March 11: Give special attention to this story.


LO$T- Finding Shelter

Part 4 of 6 - (1 Timothy 6:6-19) - March 18: Discontentment is bridled when you turn your attention from what you want to what others need. Once bridled, the appetite diminishes. Generosity vs. consumption.


LO$T - Flashback

Part 3 of 6 - (Luke 12:13-21) - March 4: If God has blessed you with more than you need, it is so that you can share your abundance with those in need. 

LO$T - Moving to Higher Ground

Part 2 of 6 - (Luke 16) - February 25: You have a little bit of time and a little bit of treasure and a big opportunity. Don't miss it.


LO$T - A Sudden Realization

Part 1 of 6 - (1 Chronicles 29:11; Proverbs 21:20; Proverbs 21:5) - February 18: You can't wholeheartedly follow Jesus and remain lost financially. 

New Rules For Love, Sex, & Dating - If I Were You 

Part 4 of 4 - (Proverbs 14:8, 22:3, 14:15) - February 4: Prepare to commit, so that when you do commit, you will be in a position to keep your commitment.

You can say, "I do." But can you follow through? A promise - even a promise as big as a wedding vow - doesn't mean anything without preparation to back it up. In this message, Pastor has a "to do" list that will prepare you to one day say "I do" and mean it.

New Rules for Love, Sex, & Dating - Designer Sex

Part 3 of 4 - (1 Corinthians 6:16, 18-20) - January 28: Sex. It's a bigger deal than you think. It's a soul thing.
Culture convinces us - and sometimes we convince ourselves - that sex is only physical. If that is true, why is the pain of sexual sin so deep? Sex is not just physical. It was designed by God to be so much more. In this message, Pastor addresses common myths about sex outside of marriage and has two specific challenges going forward.


New Rules for Love, Sex, & Dating - Gentleman's Club 

Part 2 of 4 - (1 Corinthians 13:11; 1 Peter 3:7) - January 21: Many women today don't think gentlemen still exist, but that's what they're looking for. Get this right, guys, and you will be one of the very few.

Are the Bible's teachings about women relevant? In this message, Pastor explains that Jesus' teachings about honoring women were extremely counter-cultural in the first century, and they remain so today. To win the woman you want, men need to transform their thinking, and there are two simple steps to begin.


New Rules for Love, Sex, & Dating- The Right Person Myth 

Part 1 of 4 - (1 Corinthians 13:4-5, 11) - January 14: Meeting the right person, without first becoming the right person, is a recipe for an unhappily ever after ending.

Right in The Eye - Ruthie & Bo Save Christmas

Part 6 of 6 - (December 24): The whole time Israel was ping-ponging back and forth from obedience to disobedience - in an era when everyone did what was right in his/her own eyes - God was looking forward … to Christmas.


Right in The Eye- Extraordinary 

Part 6 of 6 - (December 17): Why be ordinary you when you can be extraordinary you? Be extraordinary.

Right in The Eye - Nobody's That Stupid

Part 4 of 6 - (December 10): Once Samson had his eyes put out, he was able to see.

Right in The Eye - Good at Looking

Part 3 of 6 - (December 3): Yield your heart to the invisible King.

Right in The Eye - One Kings Leads to Another

Part 2 of 6 - (November 26): Don't be deceived: People who do what they want, when they want, with whom they want, eventually discover that one king leads to another.


Right in The Eye - Stranger Than Fiction

Part 1 of 6 - (November 19): What you think is good for you is not only not good for you - it's not good for anybody.

Climate Change - A Lifetime Forecast

Part 4 of 4 - (November 12): Is your past perfect? Are your present circumstances exactly what you want them to be? Likely, the answer to one or both of those questions is no. The good news is that even if you can't change your past or your current circumstances, you can change something else. In this message, Pastor Hawley introduces us to the gift God offers that will drastically affect the climate you carry into your future.


Climate Change - The Eye of the Storm 

Part 3 of 4 - (November 5): Why did that friend snap back at your innocent comment? Why didn't your husband want to talk about what happened at work? In Paul's letter to the Philippians, he may have hit on the answer. In this message, Pastor Hawley shows us how one of the most famous verses in the Bible can help us overcome insecurity's effects on our relationships.


Climate Change - An Unstable Climate

Part 2 of 4 - (October 29): Do you have a friendship that has drifted? Or a marriage that is distant? Do you have a co-worker you've been avoiding? Or is it just the conflict you've been avoiding? In this message, Pastor Hawley reveals the two very interesting words Solomon used to describe behavior that will "win favor. . . in the sight of God." And they are two words that may help you navigate the conflicts you've been avoiding.


Climate Change - The Forecast

Part 1 of 4 - (October 22): Climate isn't just what can be observed outside. In fact, the most critical climate may be the one created inside a room when you walk into it. In this message, Pastor Hawley uses an Old Testament story to unpack God's warning about the climates we create in our relationships. Asking one bold question may help you change the "atmosphere" you're creating at work and at home.


Destinations - Attention Deficit Disorder

Part 4 of 4 - (October 8): Attention influences direction. Whatever gets our attention influences our direction. What has your attention? Direction determines destination.
But what is it that influences direction? What is it that starts us on our course, either for the places we want to go or the destinations we'd rather avoid? If we could determine what this is, then we could change our course upstream and save ourselves a lot of time, money, and heartache. Discover what this is and how you leverage it to reach the destinations God desires for you.

Destinations - Lean Not

Part 3 of 4 - (October 1): We don't just need information.
What is the key to making great decisions? Most people would likely agree that having the right information is crucial to making decisions. But while information is very important, it is not the most critical factor in guaranteeing you make the right choice. In fact, if you think about it, you know some really smart people who have made really dumb decisions. So what is it? In this message we'll look at something that is even more important than information when it comes to choosing your path.


Destinations - Looking Ahead

Part 2 of 4 - (September 24): When you see trouble coming, don't ignore it. Do Something. A misstep will result in a mishap, regardless of the fact that you were mistaken. We've all ended up places we never meant to be--where life was complicated, and there were seemingly no good options. Looking back we saw the warning signs, but we just chose to ignore them. It doesn't have to be that way. By looking back at an old wise saying, we will learn to look ahead and avoid the danger that lies in wait for us down the road.


Destinations - The Path Principle

Part 1 of 4 - (September 17): You win or lose by the path you choose. It is not where you are that is the issue; it is where you are headed. There is often a disconnect between where we want to end up and the path we choose.

Think about the last time you were traveling and got lost. You had your destination in mind. You had every intention of getting there. But you took the wrong path, and you didn't end up where you wanted to be. A disconnect often occurs between the path you choose and where you want to end up. This is the principle of the path, and we'll discover how it impacts every area of life.


Life Apps - The Path Principle

Part 6 of 6 - (September 3): Replenish others and you will be replenished.

Our conversations average six criticisms to every one encouragement. Is reversing this ratio the key to improving our relationships at home, at work, and in our everyday lives? In this message, Pastor explains the power of encouraging others—and what might be in it for you!


Life Apps - Trust App

Part 5 of 6 - (August 27): Love bends … Believe the best.

When someone lets you down, can you choose to believe the best or are you forced to assume the worst? In this message, Pastor reminds us that we have the power to choose our reaction – and the response we choose may make all the difference in our relationships. Giving others the benefit of the doubt just may be the new Golden Rule.


Life Apps - Rest App

Part 4 of 6 - (August 20): Your life moves to a better place when you move at a sustainable pace.

Communicating the importance of rest was one of the first things God did in the Bible. So why have we neglected – or worse denied – the importance of this principle? In this message, Pastor illustrates the pattern God gives us for the pace of our lives. And it just may begin with a nap!



Life Apps - Confession App

Part 3 of 6 - (August 13): The goal of confession is not a clean conscience, but a changed life. Genuine confession leads to genuine change.

At some point in time, confession became a private practice used to relieve your conscience. But that’s not the way confession is presented in the Bible. In this message, Pastor presents the biblical view of confession and challenges us to confess to others – not just to God.



Life Apps - Forgiveness App

Part 2 of 6 - (August 6): Forgiven people forgive.

Does forgiving someone mean he gets away with it? If not, why does it feel so good to hold a grudge? In this message, Pastor explains how Jesus’ death on the cross teaches us to “release the grip of our grudges.”



Life Apps - Application Is Everything

Part 1 of 6 - (July 30): Application makes all the difference.

What good is hearing if you aren’t doing? God’s standards for our lives aren’t for judging others, but for applying to our own behavior. In this message, Pastor explains that application makes all the difference.



Bad Blood - Shaking the Dust Off

Part 4 of 4 - (July 2): No matter how badly you want peace, there are some relationships that may never be fully restored. But doing this one thing can help you find peace about any relationship.


Bad Blood - A Conservation or a Confrontation

Part 3 of 4 - (June 25): Jesus says if you have bad blood with another person, you should go and have a conversation with him or her. But why should you go, when should you go, and how should you go?


Bad Blood - Enormous & Audience

Part 2 of 4 - (June 18): What should you do about the "bad blood" relationships in your life? This one thing will help you find peace.


Bad Blood - The Empathy Lens

Part 1 of 4 - (June 11): Check out this secret to finding peace about a difficult relationship even when you can't find peace in the relationship.


Simple - Obey

Part 3 of 3 - (May 28): Obedience paves the way to endurance.


Simple - Believe

Part 2 of 3 - (May 21): A right standing with God is available from God through Christ to everybody that believes.


Simple - Follow

Part 1 of 3 - (May 14): The question is not, "How far along are you in the journey?" But, "Are you following?"


Bad Boys of Easter - Twelve Feet of Separation

Part 3 of 3 - (April 30): If you were taught to believe in a personal God who is all-knowing and all-powerful, how can you not turn your frustration on him when life gets difficult?


Bad Boys of Easter - The Pretender

Part 2 of 3 - (April 23): Judas tried to get Jesus to do what he wanted, without regard for Jesus’ ministry and mission. That may seem ridiculous, but there’s a little Judas in all of us.


Bad Boys of Easter - My Private Nation

Part 1 of 3 - (April 16): The high priest Caiaphas stood in the presence of Jesus, the Savior of the world, but he refused to abandon his quest for control and, instead, surrender to his Creator. It's easy to dismiss Caiaphas as a fool, but what have we put in the place of God?


Your Move - Passin' It On

Part 4 of 4 - (April 9): Tribute. “What would be most honoring to God?”


Your Move - Pay Attention to the Tension

Part 3 of 4 - (April 2): Tension. “Am I paying attention to the moral and ethical tension?”


Your Move - The Story of Your Life

Part 2 of 4 - (March 26): Transparency. “What is the story I want to tell, and can I still tell the whole story?”


Your Move - Really

Part 1 of 4 - (March 19): Truth. “Why am I doing this, really?”


What Makes You Happy - You're Not Enough

Part 6 of 6 - (March 12): Check out this secret ingredient to happiness. It's so counterintuitive that only people who have experienced it believe it.


What Makes You Happy - Shoes

Part 5 of 6 - (March 5): Why are we tempted to make decisions that hurt us in the long run? This message will help you understand the difference between pleasure and happiness.


What Makes You Happy - Happy Money

Part 4 of 6 - (February 26): If your goal is to find happiness, no amount of money will ever be enough. But this one principle can change the way you view money and help you find peace.


What Makes You Happy - Peace with God

Part 3 of 6 - (February 19): Peace with God paves the way to peace with ourselves and equips us to make peace with others. Find out the one thing it takes to find peace with God.


What Makes You Happy - Plan for It

Part 2 of 6 - (February 12): We think we must choose between being happy and pleasing God. Find out what Jesus had to say about that.


What Makes You Happy - No Thing

Part 1 of 6 - (February 5): We all daydream about a trouble-free life made possible by something: a dream job, house, car, spouse, child, family, or pile of money. But what if no thing can make us happy?


Freedom - Lawless

Part 4 of 4 - (December 11): It’s about following a person, not the rules.


Freedom - Staying Dead

Part 3 of 4 - (December 4): Declare. Decide. Devote.


Freedom - Now You Know

Part 2 of 4 - (November 27): Sin is not your master.


Freedom - It's Worse Than You Thought

Part 1 of 4 - (November 20): Understanding the human struggle and God's solution.