Outlandishly Generous

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Outlandishly Generous

Sermon Date: December 20, 2020
Speaker: Pastor Martin Hawley

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People who were nothing like Jesus loved Jesus. One word explains why: grace. 

Over and over, Jesus leaned toward guilty people and unrepentant sinners. It was a brand-new, unfair, unsettling system that he came to invite us into. So the big question for everyone this Christmas season is, “Whether you need grace or need to give grace, how should you respond?”

“Grace is the one thing we have most when our guilt is exposed, and grace is the one thing we’re hesitant to extend when confronted with the guilt of others,” says Martin Hawley, pastor.

In this three-part series, Pastor Hawley will explain the undeserved, unearned, unearnable favor that Jesus came to offer you.

Part 3 of 3: Outlandishly Generous (Matthew 7:3–5; Romans 5:8) – Christmas Sunday, December 20: God’s grace is an invitation for you to be amazing. It’s your chance to extend to others what God freely extended to you. So … what would it take for you to give someone what they don’t expect and what they certainly don’t deserve?

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