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At South Bay Bible Church, we believe every member of the church is a minister, and Pastor Hawley would like coach you through a one-on-one, personalized, one-hour ministry discovery, which can be scheduled at your convenience.
When you chose to follow Christ, you were given special abilities known as Spiritual Gifts.  God gave you these gifts to use in building up His Church.  He also gave you certain passions for particular activities along with a specifically designed personality and life-experiences.  Putting all this together is an exciting adventure designed to help you unwrap and discover new ministry opportunities that God has been prepared just for you.  This process will guide you into a successful ministry journey that is enriching, fulfilling, life-changing, and exciting.
In this customized ministry interview, you will learn your SHAPE for ministry.  You will discover your God-given Spiritual Gifts, Heart (passions), Abilities, Personality, and Experiences.  As your SHAPE unfolds, you will quickly see which ministry is right for you.
To schedule your one-on-one ministry interview, click on the "Begin Your Journey" button below or call the church office at (631) 909-8241.  Don’t delay.  Discover the ministry God has waiting for you!

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