Game Plan: Discover God's Will & Your Purpose in Life

Game Plan

Discovering your purpose in life has been described by many as one of life’s most challenging experiences. In this series, you will find direction in life with confidence in this refreshing and insightful six-part series called ‘Game Plan.’

Pastor Martin Hawley says, “God is the preeminent communicator.  In fact, He created communication, and He wants you to know His will for your life.  In this 6-part series, I will explain in the most practical way how to discover and embrace God’s game plan for your life.”

In this 6-part series, you will discover ...

  • Your Focus in Life
  • Steps to Understanding Your Purpose
  • How God's Thumbprints on Your Life Provide Clues
  • How to Take Full Advantage of Every Opportunity
  • How to Put Yourself in a Position to Listen
  • Being Available

Keywords:  Discover Gods will, Gods will, Spiritual Growth