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Who knew the job of parenting would be so challenging? If only kids came with instruction manuals. How many times have you heard that?

This page discusses the important foundations of child-rearing and will teach parents how to effectively speak with their children to positively shape their lives. The resources below will show the futility of dealing with superficial behavioral issues and train parents on how to address the root “heart-issue” behind the behavior.

“When my wife and I became parents, we had no idea what we were doing. Our children were wild, and there was no peace in our home. People actually left our first church because of how unruly our children were. We were at our wits’ end when someone introduced us to the materials contained on this webpage. When we started applying this truth to our own hearts and family,  everything changed. Today, our children are in their 20s. The oldest is a banker, our middle son is an engineer, and our youngest is in law school. Best of all, they are solid believers and followers of Jesus Christ,” said Martin Hawley, senior pastor of South Bay Bible Church.

Raising Kids Without Losing Your Mind contains a recorded, one-hour, online workshop and many other resources designed to help you succeed in raising positive, successful, and godly children.

Below Are Free Resources to Help You Parent

Free Parenting Workshop
Raising Kids Without Losing Your Mind


Worksheet Download Raising Kids Workshop

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