2020 Christmas Offering


The Gift to the King Christmas Offering is a call to sacrificial giving with a goal of $85,000 for three ministry initiatives:

  • Local Missions, Evangelism, and Outreach
  • A New 33-Touch Community Outreach Strategy
  • Benevolence, Biblical Counseling, and Other Ministry Initiatives

The 2020 Christmas Offering will be received through January 31, 2021.

When you give toward this Christmas Offering, please use the special giving envelope (or) mark your checks with “Christmas Offering.” You may also give online at southbaychurchli.org or use your mobile device to give through the Tithe.ly app. You may also give by texting GIVE to (315) 847-3097.

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Why is Gift to the King the Initiative for the Christmas Offering?

CO-WP-1God has given us a bold vision for the next three years to reach 650 people with the liberating Gospel of Jesus Christ. This seems like a huge number, but it only represents 1% of our ministry area.

Keeping in mind the power of God to change the world, remembering the awesome work of the Holy Spirit in reaching thousands at the start of the church, and knowing our calling to be fishers of men, we can, through Christ, accomplish this vision.

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”
--Matthew 4:19

A Gift to the King reminds us that the greatest thing we can bring to God is other people. Its purpose is to return our church to the foundation of Christ’s calling in each of our lives. This bold initiative requires every one of us to not only be disciples but disciple-makers, intentionally investing our lives in others. Disciples making disciples is the only way to transform our community with the magnificent love of God.

This isn’t something we can do on a part-time basis when it’s convenient and when we get around to it. Making disciples is our mandate from God, and it requires each of us to live life with purpose, continually investing our time, talent, and treasure in Kingdom living.

The Purpose of This Offering

To Support Local Missions, Evangelism, and Outreach

The mission of our church is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, and Jesus has commanded us to reach lost people everywhere and share the Good News of the Kingdom of God. Part of this Christmas offering will be used to support local missions, evangelism, and major outreach events.

A $1,000 gift will touch 10,000 people with some sort of Gospel invitation.

CO-WP-2Part of the Christmas Offering pays for five attractive postcard mailings to every household within five miles of South Bay. It provides invitations, social media advertising, posters, and banners with consistent messaging all pointing people to the Way God has provided for salvation: Jesus.

A New 33-Touch Community Outreach Strategy

God consistently uses life to draw people to Himself. The top seven reasons people come to church include family problems, illness, lack of purpose, temptation, financial stress, career challenges, and the death of a loved one. When life happens to individuals in our community, our prayer is South Bay Bible Church will be there to help them discover God’s fresh hope in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

CO-WP-3The Gift to the King Christmas Offering will completely fund the launch of a pilot ministry in East Moriches designed by messaging experts to gently touch every household with 33 Discover God messages next year. This softhearted, encouraging message campaign keeps South Bay Bible Church top-of-mind as the place in our community to Discover God the moment life happens. In this way, people will know where to turn when they need God the most.

Help the Poor through Benevolence and Counseling

CO-WP-4South Bay Bible Church has served hundreds of people at their time of greatest need. To date, we have been able to approve all valid requests for benevolence through your generous giving.

The Benevolence Ministry has allowed us to come alongside people in distress due to financial difficulties, a death in the family, or the need for Biblical Counseling.

We are anticipating and preparing for a continued increase in benevolence requests in 2021.

Your Opportunity to Make a Difference

We want to continue offering the best opportunities possible for the people of the greater Moriches area and beyond in growing their relationships with Jesus Christ! To do this, we want to use the best resources, offer the greatest opportunities to grow spiritually, and continue to create unique, welcoming environments (online and in-person) to facilitate and maximize the most important relationship lost people will ever know – reconciliation with God through His Son, Jesus.

We must be prepared to respond to any new ministry opportunity God presents to us in the coming year, so please give and give generously to this year’s Gift to the King Christmas Offering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Special Offering?

As part of God’s plan to grow the faith of the people in His church, God calls us to sacrificial giving from time to time. This special Christmas Offering is an opportunity for us to grow our faith and prepare us for what God wants to do through South Bay Bible Church in 2021. This offering is not because we are behind in our budget; instead, it is to position us to make an even greater impact in our community and church in the coming year.

What’s the Difference between the Regular Offering and this Special Offering?

The regular South Bay Bible Church offering is the proportional amount (the full tithe of 10%) we set apart on a systematic basis and give throughout the year. From time to time, there are opportunities to give sacrificially. This Christmas Offering is one of those sacrificial occasions that stretches us and grows our faith. This special offering should be over and above what you regularly give, or it really does not accomplish what God is doing in the church or your life.

How Much Should I Give?

Since the goal is $85,000, this Christmas Offering must involve everyone. Please prayerfully consider a sacrificial gift that will stretch your faith. The precise amount you give is between you and God. Many in our church can give substantial gifts. Others will be able to give small amounts. This issue is not equal giving but equal sacrifice. What amount can you give that will stretch your faith? Several people are praying about giving the largest gift they have ever given to South Bay. Will you join us in praying that prayer?

Why is the Goal so Large?

To whom much is given, much is expected. God has done many wonderful things through South Bay, and He has given us big dreams and plans for the coming year. The ministries supported by this offering are BIG – local missions, evangelism, and outreach; a new 33-touch community outreach strategy; and local benevolence, Biblical counseling, and other ministry initiatives. Big dreams require big faith and big funding. The accomplishment of this God-sized vision will be determined by your faith and gifts to this special Gift to the King Christmas Offering.

When Should I Give?

The best time to give will be the first Sunday after you receive this packet. Please pray about making your best gift on that day. However, you can continue to give until January 31, 2021.                                                                                                                                                                                       

Please use the “Christmas Offering” area on the giving envelopes or include a note designating your gift for this special offering. Remember, consistent gifts over time add up – a person giving $100 per week over a ten-week period will give $1,000 to this special offering.

Can I Give Online Via Bank Check or Though Auto-Debit?

Yes. When you give at www.southbaychurchli.org/give via online giving, simply select Christmas Offering” under the “Fund” drop-down menu. You may also use your mobile device to give through the Tithe.ly app.

Likewise, you can use your bank online payment option to send a check directly to the church office. Again, simply mark in the memo area “Christmas Offering” to designate the funds.

If you would like to make a special, one-time auto-debit over and above your regular giving, simply call (631) 909-8241. Ask to speak with Gerry or email admin@sbbcli.org – it’s that easy.

You may also give by texting GIVE to (315) 847-3097.

Can I Give In-Kind Gifts of Stocks, Bonds, or Property?

Of course! Since South Bay Bible Church is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization, there can be a tremendous tax benefit for you by giving in-kind gifts. For information on this type of giving, simply call (631) 909-8241. Ask to speak with Pastor Hawley or email pastorhawley@sbbcli.org.

Are My Gifts Tax-Deductible?

All gifts to South Bay Bible Church are completely tax-deductible. Your gift will be deductible in the tax year given (i.e. gifts given in 2020 will be deductible on your 2020 taxes). Please be sure to include your name and address when you give, so a receipt can be sent to you for tax purposes. You are not required to utilize a tax-deduction for your gift, but it is available for all gifts.

How Did We Arrive at an $85,000 Goal?

The $85,000 goal was prayerfully set. It is a God-sized goal to accomplish big things in local missions, evangelism, and outreach; community outreach; and local benevolence, Biblical counseling, and other ministry initiatives. This goal can only be accomplished through 100% participation and sacrificial giving by South Bay Bible Church attendees and members. Since we are expecting God to bless this special Christmas Offering, it has been determined that any amount over and above our goal will be divided equally between missions and ministry advancement.

How Will I Know if We Reach Our Goal?

Please pray for God’s guidance as we all give sacrificially. You will be updated on our giving progress during the Sunday services. Reaching this goal will be a celebration of what we can do together as we stretch our faith under God’s leadership.

What if I Have Additional Questions?

Please contact Pastor Hawley at pastorhawley@sbbcli.org or call (631) 909-8241.

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