Chaotic Life? It’s all about how you respond.


Whether we’re religious or not, we've all made some chaotic messes along the way. We've all thought, “My life is a mess.” So, we’re going to talk about it in Chaotic Life? It’s all about how you respond. 

In this four-part study, Pastor Hawley reveals how the chaos in your life and the other messy people you meet along the way may actually be your greatest opportunity to know God. This series comprises the following messages:

  1. The Chaos in the Mirror (Romans 3:19-20, 23): If you can see your chaos, you can see God. To recognize one is to acknowledge the other. Whether we’re religious or not, we’ve all been in, are in, or are only one decision away from a chaotic mess. But there’s a powerful connection between your chaos and your relationship with God.

  2. Best Chaos Ever (John 3:17; 8:12; Matthew 7:26, 24-25): The chaos that brings us together brought God near. Your chaos can be the avenue that brings God near to you. I know a chaos when I see one because I am a chaotic mess. When we acknowledge our chaos, we're a baby step away from acknowledging God. Your chaos has the potential to bring God near you.

  3. The Flip (Philippians 1:3-6, 9-11): The Christian experience is not about avoiding another chaos. It's about becoming something. A common misperception is that the Christian life is all about avoiding chaotic messes and staying out of trouble. But following Jesus isn’t about avoiding something; it’s about becoming something.

  4. Chaotic-er (1 Samuel 18-29; 24:1-12): Don't add water to the flood. Don't make your chaos event more chaotic-er. Do the right thing. When you have a chaos to address, first options aren’t usually the best options. First options often make chaotic messes more chaotic. In this message, pastor explores an approach that can take the -er out of your chaotic situations.