Another Changed Life at South Bay

At South Bay Bible Church, we prioritize relationships to promote "Life Change."



I grew up going to church but never had a relationship with Jesus.

I would pray, but didn’t quite understand God and His perfect love. I tried to control my own life, never allowing God to be Lord of my life, and ultimately ended up feeling powerless and afraid a lot of the time. I brought my kids to church as they grew up, but I was not the best example of a Christian to them, or to anyone else around me. Of course, all of this left me anxious and depressed.

I struggled in relationships and tried to fill the void with material things and wine and other people. I was in therapy and joined support groups, but it all fell short.

One night I had a terrible argument with my ex mother in law and my 16 year old daughter witnessed it. I said terrible things to her and became full of regret and remorse for my behavior. I came to South Bay the next morning, cried through the entire service. I kept coming back. I got involved; I did Starting Point, orientation, became a member, joined a community group.

I started to feel better, more connected to other Christians who influenced me in a positive way.

I felt convicted to become obedient to God because I was learning what God’s word says and how important it was to live life in God’s way. I was surrounded by people who were doing their best to follow Jesus, and I began to feel supported in my own choices to be obedient.

I started biblical counseling in June and have made changes in my life to try to remove everything that separates me from God.

I’m so thankful for my new life. I feel different in every way. I am experiencing the fruits of the spirit and have been so blessed.

Some days aren’t perfect, but I turn my eyes back to Jesus once I catch myself focusing on the wrong things, and I feel better quickly. Thank you South Bay for giving me a church to call home.

My name is Erin and I am here to tell you that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.

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