Practical Teaching

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Practical Teaching

Sermon Date: May 24, 2020
Speaker: Pastor Martin Hawley

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Your faith in God matters to God. In fact, God is committed to growing your faith. 
Imagine how different your outlook on life would be if you had absolute confidence God was with you. Imagine how differently you would respond to difficulties, temptations, and even good things if you knew with certainty that God was in all of it and was planning to leverage it for your good.

In other words, imagine what it would be like to have perfect faith.

Part 2 of 6: Practical Teaching (Matthew 7:24-28) – May 24: It’s one thing to believe in weightlifting and another thing to lift weights. It’s one thing to believe in good nutrition and another to eat right. Most churches are content to tell you what to believe, and if you believe it, that’s enough. But, is that really enough? Practical teaching shows us where we are and where we need to go. Join us this week for your road map to Big Faith.

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