Faith-Based Fear, Worry, and Anxiety Counseling
at South Bay Bible Church

Loving help for hurting people.

Are you tired of struggling with fear, worry, and anxiety? Many deal with these surprisingly common emotions every day. It effects your marriage, your children, your work, your spiritual life, and it can impact your physical health. God knew fear, worry, and anxiety would be very real problems for us.

This page will help you identify the real source of your fears and worries, and it will help you find specific strategies for overcoming anxiety and teach you how to replace worry with lasting joy, while resting in God's protective care for your life. Ultimately, you'll find much comfort and encouragement from this workshop and the materials provided herein.

"It really is possible to have a peace-filled confidence in every circumstance in life," said Elyse Fitzpatrick.

Below Are Free Resources to Help Your Anxiety

Free Anxiety Workshop
Replace Fear, Worry, and Anxiety
with God's Comforting Peace

Worksheet Download for Anxiety Workshop

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