An Unexpected Christmas: Promise Keeper

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An Unexpected Christmas: Promise Keeper

Sermon Date: December 13, 2015
Speaker: Pastor Martin Hawley

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God has provided a way for people to be forgiven and accepted. 

If you have experienced a lot of inconsistency, shame, immorality, embarrassing life baggage that makes you feel alienated from God, then this new series is for you. Even the ancestors of Jesus had seedy, inconsistent lives. Their existence was more like a soap-opera than uplifting religious symbols. Pastor Hawley will show us these colorful stories in the larger picture of God’s hope-filled, redemption plan.

“My goal for this series is to help people, who know they will never be good enough to approach God, discover the way God has provided for them to be forgiven and accepted,” said Martin Hawley, senior pastor.

Part 4 of 5: An Unexpected Christmas: Promise Keeper


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