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All Men & boys (10+) are invited to this month's Man Up! Men's Ministry meeting.



Tuesday, September 25, at 7:00 p.m.

We're firing up the grill. It's sausage and peppers night.
RSVP by September 18 -- Highly Recommended



RSVP - September 25 Sausage and Peppers Night



South Bay Bible Church

578 Montauk Highway
East Moriches, NY 11940

(631) 909-8241


In God’s grand-plan, men matter! The problem is men are accepting more and more of what culture and society assert - that men are unsavory, unseemly, unnecessary, and insignificant in today’s home, work, and even church. When men neglect their God-given role, the family unit is undermined and dysfunction takes root. Ultimately, our entire civilization is impacted as an ever increasing number of men is deteriorate into perpetual adolescence.


Men were not designed to be on the endless treadmill of purposeless living. God is calling men out. Men are to lead. Man Up! is about accepting the challenge and Divine call of authentic manhood. As a man, God expects you to step up and accept the challenge of your God-given role.


If you want to Man Up! show up at 7:00 p.m. on the last Tuesday of every month at South Bay Bible Church, as Pastor Hawley unpacks the timeless truths and practical insight about becoming God’s man in your home, at your work, and around your church.


September 2018

Most boys hear the word “love” and think sex, or the most recent, boring chick-flick, or their girlfriend wants to DTR – Define the Relationship, and of course, that’s their cue to END the relationship. But Jesus said, “Love one another.” As we’re learning, Jesus is a real man’s man. He is no easy-going, soft, wimpy guy. So, if you want to Man Up! join us at South Bay to learn just how much power real love has and how to get it into your life. Hey, start early and love a friend. Bring him to Man Up! Besides, dinner this month is grilled sausage and peppers.


Food & Fellowship.

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Dinner Provided.


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