Join our one-year journey
through the entire Bible

This year, we are encouraging everyone to read God’s story in the Daily Chronological Bible by George H. Guthrie in the highly acclaimed Christian Standard Bible translation.

There are many features in this Bible translation. The Bible is laid out in chronological order for easy reading, and this bible lets you read, listen, track, and share. A free app is also available with audio podcasts.

When you join this year's challenge, you also have access to a new Facebook Group just for South Bay readers. It has a ton of benefits designed to help you finish one of the greatest spiritual journeys of your life. Here's what you can expect from this supportive platform:

  • A place to get previews and highlights from Pastor Hawley at the start of every month.
  • A place to get your questions answered.
  • A place to help someone answer their questions.
  • A place to just have a conversation about something significant you learned.
  • A place to receive and give support and encouragement.

If you’ve never read the Bible through in a year, or if you’re a veteran Bible reader, this may well prove to be the most inspirational year of personal devotion you’ve ever taken!


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